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The Story of Moses


The Story of Moses

For a minute or so, Grandpa gazed out over his yard, collecting his thoughts while Micah waited patiently.  Finally, he began. “Our story begins several years after Joseph died. Now, Joseph lived to be a very old man, getting to see even his great-grandchildren. After he died, the descendants of Jacob, who were called Hebrews, began to multiply and increase greatly in number. In fact, the scripture tells us that the land of Egypt was full of them. From our perspective, it is easy to see that God’s plan of making a nation from Jacob’s family was coming to pass. Eventually, He would be bringing them back to the land of Canaan, the land He had promised them.”

“Did you see him?” Micah asked abruptly.

“See who? Jacob?” puzzled Grandpa. “I’m not that old!”

“What? No,” laughed Micah. “Sorry, I meant the hummingbird. He just left the feeder.”

“Oh,” said Grandpa, shaking his head, “No, I missed him. That didn’t take long, did it?”

Micah shook his head. They watched the feeder for a few seconds, then Micah prompted, “So, God was going to bring them to the promised land?”

“Right,” said Grandpa, keeping his eye on the feeder as he continued. “God intended to bring the Hebrews out of Egypt and into the promised land. However, convincing them to leave Egypt would not be easy because it was the only home they had known and it wasn’t a bad home.”

“But I thought they were slaves!” interrupted Micah.

“Oh, they did become slaves later on in the story. But I’m talking about before they were slaves. Remember, when Jacob and his family first came, Pharaoh gave them the best pasture land of Egypt. Plus, because they were related to Joseph, they were protected by the government and were exempt from the crop tax that the Egyptian people had to pay. So, in the beginning, they had very comfortable lives. You can imagine that it would be very difficult to convince them to leave their comfortable homes and go to a new land where they would be strangers.”

“So, the ob.. obs.. Obitscle…” struggled Micah, trying to remember the word.


“Yeah, that. The obstacle for God to do His will was that the people would want to stay in their comfortable homes?”

“Very good! Exactly right!” Grandpa beamed at his clever grandson. “Undoubtedly, some adventurous people would be eager to go, but there would be many who would prefer to stay.”

“Then there would only be a partial nation! How did God fix things?”