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Purpose Accomplished


The Purpose Accomplished

Micah thought for a few seconds before answering, “Well, he commanded everyone to throw the baby boys into the river.”

“Exactly right,” said Grandpa, leaning back in his chair and crossing his legs. “That meant God’s deliverer was at risk of being devoured before he was out of diapers. Did that mess up God’s plans?”


“Ok. What did God do to save the future deliverer?”

“Well, the mother placed Moses in the ark where the princess would find him.”

“Exactly. She put her baby son in the river, which was what Pharaoh had commanded. So, in a sense, that command turned out to be the exact thing God used to deliver the deliverer from the jaws of the dragon and put him in Pharaoh’s palace. What happened when Moses grew up?”

“He decided to deliver the Hebrews and killed the taskmaster,” replied Micah. “And then he had to run away into the wilderness.”

“Were God’s plans messed up then?”

I guess not, because God wanted Moses to learn that he was not at home anywhere.”

“Right. God used whatever choices people made to raise up a deliverer who saw that he was a foreigner and his true home was in the promised land.” Grandpa uncrossed his legs and rested his hands on his knees, saying, “So, now, after looking back on the story, would you say God used His divine power to force things to go His way?”

Micah pondered the question for a moment before answering, “No, I don’t think He did.”

“You see, Micah, just as we found in the story of Joseph, we see in this story that our sovereign God didn’t choose to use His power to force events to go His way. Instead, with unsurpassed wisdom, He used every obstacle to His plans as the very means to accomplish His purpose. And He did it so well, we can’t imagine how it could have worked out better.”

“Huh,” said Micah thoughtfully. “That’s pretty incredible.”

“It surely is,” said Grandpa. “That is the true sovereignty of God: He is able to accomplish His purpose, regardless of what others do to stop Him.” Getting up from his chair, Grandpa stretched his legs before gathering up the iced tea pitcher and glasses. “That’s about all the time I have for right now. We’ll have to save the next story of Moses for another time. It is an interesting story because it tells how God forced Moses to go to Egypt. But it’ll have to wait because I’m thinking your mom is going to want you home for dinner pretty soon.”

Micah bounded out of his chair, waving as he dashed away and calling, “Thanks, Grandpa! I’ll come back as soon as I can!”

Smiling, Grandpa started to wave, then realized his hands were full of a pitcher and glasses.  He settled for a farewell nod as Micah disappeared around the corner of the house.

This is the last of the stories in the Sovereignty section. We could look at how God got Moses to go along with His purpose even though Moses didn’t want to, but for now, we will stop at this point.

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