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Demonstration of Sovereignty

Micah shut off the lawn mower and rolled it into the garage. “There,” he thought to himself. “That’s the last of the yard work. Wonder where mom is?” Closing the garage door, he went around the corner of the house and stuck his head through the back door. “Mom?” he called.

“Over here, hun,” came the response from somewhere inside the house.

“Can I go to Grandpa’s?” asked Micah. “I finished mowing the yard.”

“Okay. That’s fine. Just make sure you’re back for dinner.”

“Thanks, mom, I will,” replied Micah as he pulled the door closed and raced over to his bike. A few quick minutes later he coasted to a stop in front of his grandpa’s friendly house. Shading his eyes from the afternoon sunshine, he searched the front yard in vain for any sign of life. A quick glance showed that the front porch was also empty, so he laid his bike down and headed to the backyard. As he rounded the corner of the house, he spotted his grandpa with a newly filled hummingbird feeder in hand. “Hi, Grandpa,” he called, making a beeline towards his beloved patriarch. “Whatcha doing?”

“Hi, there, Micah,” welcomed Grandpa with a smile, “The hummingbirds looked like they needed a refill this afternoon. I was just getting ready to hang the feeder back up. Do you think you could lend me a hand?”

Micah happily helped him attach the feeder to the stand in front of the picture window, keeping up a constant stream of chatter as he filled Grandpa in on the events of the past couple of days. After the feeder was securely fastened in its place the two companions stepped back to admire their work. “That looks mighty fine there, Micah!” complimented Grandpa. He gestured to his yard chairs, saying, “Come on over to the shade here, and let’s see if the hummingbirds show up.” As Micah headed towards the chairs, Grandpa asked, “Any chance you want some sweet tea?”

“Yes, please,” said Micah eagerly.

“Great! If you will point the chairs towards the feeder, I see what I can do about getting some tea.”

Micah nodded and began arranging the lawn furniture to face the feeder. In a few minutes, Grandpa returned carrying two glasses and a pitcher full of tea. “Have you seen hummingbirds yet?” he asked as he carefully set the glasses on a small table between the chairs and filled them with sweet tea.

Micah shook his head, “Not yet.” He picked up his glass and took a long drink. “Thanks,” he said gratefully, “This hits the spot!”

“You’re welcome. Grandma just brewed it this morning.” Grandpa settled himself in his chair and picked up his own glass. They sat in silence for a few minutes, watching the feeder and enjoying the coolness of the shade.  “So,” began Micah hopefully, “Last time we talked, you said there was another story about God’s sovereignty?”

“So I did,” mused Grandpa, “Let me see. I think I was thinking of telling you the story of Moses. Yes, I believe that was it.” After a short pause, he added, “It comes right after the story of Joseph, so it will be a good one to continue our discussion.”