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Burning Bush


At the Burning Bush

The pilot pulled his plane high into the sky and circled overhead. He looked down at the soft, rumpled, landscape below.  Near the edge of the plateau, he saw a row of cars sitting side-by-side as if waiting to start a race. His eyes gleamed: this was too good of an opportunity to pass up.  He circled to align his path with the row of cars and accelerated down towards them. Faster and faster he went. Just as he intended, he broke the sound barrier just as he passed directly over the cars: KABOOOM!!!  The heaving landscape bounced the cars and their startled drivers in every direction. The pilot laughed to himself as he pulled his plane back into the sky; he loved pulling that stunt.

Suddenly, he stopped laughing.  Too late, he noticed the car at the end of the row – it was a cop!  As he turned his aircraft, the pilot anxiously craned his neck just in time to see the cherries on the roof of the police car light up.  His gut lurched as he saw the cop fire up the jet thrusters on the police car and start in fast pursuit of his plane. Desperately, he rolled his plane to the left and right, but he couldn’t shake the rapidly approaching cop. As the police car drew closer and closer the pilot decided to make a run for it.  Shoving his throttle to full power, he shot past the bedroom door into the hallway with the cop close on his tail.

Too late, he saw the laundry basket floating down the hallway directly in his path!  There was no time to react! Before he knew it, he smashed full force into the laundry basket sending it flying into the air.  Dirty laundry flew all over as his plane crashed crazily to the floor.

“Micah!  What are you doing?!”  Guiltily, Micah looked up from among the scattered laundry to his mother’s angry features.  “Young man, I think it’s high time for you to put away your toy cars and planes and go play outside!”  Hastily, Micah retrieved his plane and car from under a pile of dirty socks and underwear and did as he was told.

Sometime later, he found his bike had wandered him to the end of Grandpa’s driveway.  He noticed the open garage door so he pointed his bike that direction to investigate. Sure enough, he found Grandpa inside. “Hey, Grandpa,” he called nonchalantly, “Whatcha doing?”

“Why, hello Micah,” came the friendly response. “Oh, I’m just changing the wipers on the old jalopy here.  Do you mind throwing this packaging in the trash?”

“Sure.” Micah hopped off his bike and grabbed the pile of paper and plastic.  After he had deposited it in the garbage can, he hoisted himself onto the workbench and watched as Grandpa worked on the passenger side wiper.  After a minute or so, Grandpa broke the silence, asking, “So, do you want to hear more of Moses’ story and what it teaches about God’s sovereignty?”

“Sure,” said Micah’s happily. “You said this story was about how God forced Moses to do something?”

“That’s right,” said Grandpa, finally disengaging the passenger side wiper. “The first two stories we saw how God accomplished His purposes without using His might and power.”  He handed the old wiper to Micah and picked up the new replacement.

“I remember,” said Micah, holding the old wiper up to his face, “God used the things His enemies did to stop Him.”

“Right on,” said Grandpa.  “In those stories, people made their choices and God used their choices to accomplish His will.  But this story is a little different. We will see how God intervened and sorta forced a man to…” There was a small click as the new wiper locked on to the arm.  “There. One down, one to go,” said Grandpa as he moved to the driver’s side of the car. “The story is about Moses at the burning bush. You ever heard that one?”