[dropcap class="article-dropcap"]W[/dropcap]e began our survey of G1588 in the New Testament with the goal of finding out if the term had a definition different than those in the LXX: (a) people or objects which had superior qualities; (b) chosen (and choice) people. We noted how Paul applied a special definition to the word 'justified' in Romans 3 and 4 and recognized the possibility of a special definition for G1588. However, our survey did not uncover any context that expounded on the term in the same fashion as Paul did with 'justified.' Nor did we find that any context clashed with the (b) definition from the LXX or indicated the need for a different definition. Surely these findings indicate to us that the New Testament authors used the term in the same sense as did the LXX translators: to indicate those whom God chose for Himself, and their treasured position before Him.