Throughout the New Testament and the LXX, G1588 is generally translated as follows: choice, chosen, select, elect.  It is translated other ways, but these are the most predominate.

The purpose of this appendix is to list each occurrence of this word within the LXX and the New Testament for the convenience of the reader.  The verses in which the word is found have been broken up into the following categories:

OT - Choice by Inherent Qualities
OT - Choice by Honored Status
OT - Chosen to be Choice
New Testament: Elect People
New Testament: Elect, not people

For some verses in the Old Testament, the English translation of the Hebrew text is significantly different from the English translation of the LXX.  In these cases, the LXX translation is included after the Hebrew translation.

This listing of verses is intended to be an exhaustive list, but there is the possibility of an omission or two.  Please be aware that any omission is unintentional.

Throughout this appendix, bold italics will be used to indicate the Greek word of interest within the quoted passage.