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Definition of Election

How The Bible Defines:


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Clearing the muddied waters of Calvinism

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[dropcap class="article-dropcap"]I[/dropcap]t is not uncommon to find the word ‘election’ defined in a Bible dictionary as ‘chosen by God for salvation’ or something similar.  Many dictionaries and lexicons include an alternate definition: ‘choice, select, best in its class.’ A close look at the New Testament will reveal a number of passages where this word occurs without a clear indication of the intended definition.  In these passages, how are we to determine which was the intended meaning?

[dropcap class="article-dropcap"]T[/dropcap]he Greek Old Testament is an often overlooked resource that provides rich scriptural contexts from which to derive the meaning of key biblical words.  You are cordially invited to embark on an exploration of Old Testament stories and passages that contain 'election.' Along the way, you will see what the inspired writers meant when they used the word in certain stories, such as that of Korah's rebellion and of the remnant in Isaiah's prophecy.  By the end, you just might find that one of the above definitions has no basis within the pages of Scripture.

The following pages are provided to give you a glimpse into the contents of the book. You will have the opportunity to read the introduction and the conclusion.  Information that supports the conclusions are contained in the book. 

Westbow Press is the publisher and the book can be obtained from their site.  It can also be found on the sites of many favorite retailers, include Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

There are a number of options for obtaining a digital copy of the book.  Books2Read has a current list of the options.

Sample Chapters

Election is personified in the introduction chapter. She describes her various forms of verb, adjective, and noun.

The conclusion is split in the two chapters. The first concluding chapter takes a look at the apostles doctrine regarding election.

The final chapter of the book reviews the concept of election and how it fits within the process of salvation.