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A little bit about me

Caleb Bulow head shot

Caleb Bulow grew up in northern Minnesota and now works as a mechanical engineer in Minot, North Dakota.  He was raised by Christian parents, and while in college, he came to a clear understanding of the full and complete forgiveness in the Lord Jesus.  From there, the Lord has called him to the ministry of edification and encouragement of the people of God.  The Lord has given him the ability to take complex biblical concepts and make them simple to understand. He has also given him opportunities to use this ability as a Bible teacher at summer camps for girls and leading Bible studies within his home.

As I have gone through this study, I have endeavored to keep in mind that I want to learn the truth.  It is of no benefit to hold on to false doctrines for the truth is true, and my beliefs do not change reality.  Therefore, it behooves me to lay aside my own ideas and search out the truth.  I encourage the reader to be of this mind and search for the truth, for God is truth.

To Him be the glory.

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