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Simple Truth

Many battles have been fought in the theological fields of election and the sovereignty of God.

Throughout Christian history, and even in recent years, discussions on the topic of election and sovereignty often evolve into heated battles. It is not uncommon to see conversations degrade into personal attacks and insults. As a result, the beauty of these doctrines have been lost amid the smoke and dust of theological warfare. This is a great pity, for election is one of the most precious truths given to the people of God, and the sovereignty of God is a rich topic that bottomless in its depth. On this site, my goal is to take these doctrines that have been long fought over by the scholars and return them to the people of God to be appreciated and enjoyed.

In the midst of the raging debates, the waters of truth have become murky.   This site aims to help clear the waters through a simple, down-to-earth, presentation of the truth in God’s word.


Frequently, ‘elect’ is defined as people who have been chosen for salvation.  However, support for this definition in scripture is not as obvious as one might expect.


Probably the most difficult concept to comprehend is the relation of God’s sovereignty and man’s responsibility.   However, a careful look at how God exercised His sovereignty can help us understand it.